What We Do

What We Do

Global South Group (GSG) is a consulting firm with a focus on the emerging markets of Africa and the Middle East. We work with public and private sector organizations to achieve lasting change by providing strategic advice and support for capacity-building and organizational development.

This breadth of experience allows us to understand the political, economic, and logistical challenges faced by Global South organizations and governments, without losing sight of the opportunities presented by the region’s growing human capital, natural resource wealth, and increasing presence in the global economy. Our established local networks and in-country staff allow us to be both agile and effective.

We are passionate about applying our innovative, cross-disciplinary approach to tackle the most pressing challenges and help governments and companies capitalize on opportunities. While our approach is grounded in international expertise, our focus is on local and regional markets and on facilitating trade, development, and political ties between Global South organizations, markets, and countries.

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