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Human Development & Millennium Development Goals

GSG helps governments and regional and international organizations to achieve their development goals and foster economic, social, and political development. We work with clients including development organizations, multilateral institutions, and national governments to identify development goals, design and implement programs, and monitor and assess results.

GSG assists clients with furthering their goals in areas including micro-finance, health, education, technology, governance, and small and medium business development. Our regional expertise and network of current and former development practitioners provide our clients with the operational and strategic know-how they need to design and implement effective, leading-edge programs. In designing programs, we reach out to government, private sector, and non-profit and non-governmental actors in order to ensure successful holistic solutions to complex, multi-faceted development challenges.

GSG recognizes the importance of regular monitoring and evaluation of development targets, including Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). We also recognize the challenges faced by organizations in collecting accurate, timely data. GSG has extensive expertise in evaluation and assessment of MDGs. Our teams have traveled throughout Africa to collect and analyze data and conduct extensive interviews on MDG progress. Our monitoring and evaluation solutions serve to enhance transparency and accountability, increasing investor and donor confidence. They also provide policy makers and practitioners with targeted information needed to effect cost saving measures, and improve program management and performance.