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Agriculture & Fisheries are the backbone and growth engine of most developing economies: the primary sector generally employs the majority of their populations, and provides for a substantial share of GDP.

The sector’s critical nature resides in its huge employment potential at relatively low capital cost. This is especially important in contexts with a relatively high and increasing unemployment rate, as well as the strong correlations between that rate and poverty levels. Many countries’ trade and payments balances are also cruelly affected by bulging food import bills.

Global South Group agriculture experts support authorities across the regions we operate in to design practical solutions that increase the accessibility of capital for operators in agriculture tackling constraints such as lending institutions’ averseness to risk and perceptions of the sector.

Our focus is on increasing the efficiency of direct investment in agriculture, along with the correlated increase in skills and knowledge transfer associated with the establishment of new economic operators and units, be they domestic or foreign, in crops or transformation. In order to achieve these goals and promote the sector as an attractive investment destination as well as to mobilize stakeholders into following the current national vision and strategies, GSG also support national and local stakeholders in strong communication and promotion initiatives for certain selected value chains. This often requires developing the sector around strong business performance as well as healthy regulation, notably through data collection or production.