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Energy & Environment

The energy sector is a key driver of growth and wealth in many countries, and its successful management is vital to ensuring secure, sustainable sources for generations to come. GSG works with energy and environmental organizations to help them optimize their operations, build local capacity, and enter new markets.

We partner with oil, gas, and renewable energy companies to evaluate new or existing markets and carry out technical and commercial feasibility studies. Our feasibility studies and customized forecasts allow our public and private sector clients to gain all the information they need to make decisions about new projects and markets, while our advisory services on environmental and regulatory compliance issues ensure that clients understand the risks and opportunities. GSG also offers training and capacity building to help build local talent in technical, commercial, and project management skills for the energy sector.

Our energy and environment team’s expertise in their field is broad, encompassing oil, gas, coal, and renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind. Their deep knowledge and experience working in over 50 countries worldwide help to inform our clients on the commercial, technical, and environmental considerations of entering new markets or expanding in existing ones, giving them the tools they need to meet the long-term energy and environmental needs of their organization or country.