Our Difference

Our Difference


Our independence. Our clients choose GSG because they know they are getting candid advice from independent regional and international experts. We are never influenced by outside interests – our only interest is our clients’ success.


Our focus on knowledge transfer. Every GSG engagement includes a knowledge transfer component. Our aim is not simply to hand over reports, but also to enhance our clients’ capabilities. Throughout each project, we work closely with clients to incorporate participatory and hands-on learning focused on the organization’s needs. We work to create sustainable, independently run programs for our clients.


Our agility. GSG goes where you are. Our teams are able to travel on short notice to destinations throughout the Middle East and Africa – including to locations considered “no go” by other companies.


Our customized approach. Many companies recommend generic “best practices.” GSG is committed to providing clients with best practices tailored to local and regional markets and conditions. We offer our clients local knowledge backed by global expertise.


Our network. GSG has access to an unparalleled pool of highquality consultants, researchers, and regional experts. Our associates have worked in over 40 countries in the Middle East and Africa, in sectors including transportation, oil and gas, finance, telecommunications, and human development.


Our cost-effective model – Our use of local talent and our existing networks in the region allow us to minimize overhead and provide cost-savings for our clients.

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