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 Market Entry Support & Intelligence in Africa


Your business environment in Africa is complex and constantly changing.Your success relies on access to relevant and up-to-date information and support on the ground. Zobya can help.

Using Zobya’s network is like having your own team on the ground. Our practical solutions are cost-effective, safe, transparent, and tailored to your company’s unique business development needs. 

Zobya allows you to focus on what matters – your business’ growth – by delivering results quickly. Our local networks do the legwork, drawing on extensive contacts cultivated through years of experience in fast-growing economies across Africa.

They do the work on the ground so you don’t have to, minimizing the costs of business development. 



Zobya is your feet on the ground, in support of your business ventures in emerging markets.

Find a distributor, agent, manufacturer, representative, warehousing, clearing agent or wholesaler: We introduce you to the right person or group, with usable contacts. We screen their credentials and reputation.

Get more clients: We deliver tailor-made client listings, with financial data, market size and contacts of decision-makers adapted to your specific requirements for market entry or development.

Secure key meetings: With our presence and contacts on the ground, we arrange and secure meetings with the contacts you want.

Your follow-up on the ground: We visit your contacts and nurture nascent partnerships. We can represent you with clients, conduct negotiations within set guidelines and perform regular follow-up. This qualitative, face-to-face edge will power your sales in your target markets.

Services offered:

  • Linking with suitable:
- Distributors,
- Agents,
- Manufacturers,
- Representatives,
- Warehousing,
- Clearing agents,
- Wholesalers,
  • Networking,
  • Due Diligence,
  • Following-up on negotiations, partnerships and contacts,
  • Third party Negotiations,
  • Legal, Fiscal, Regulatory follow-ups,
  • Representation in trade fairs, conferences, roadshows,
  • Local Registration. 



Zobya offers a public record retrieval service focused on African markets.

Get the exact info you need, when you need it: Zobya is the premier choice to help you obtain the accurate, targeted, and up-to-date information that impacts your business in emerging markets.

We facilitate business development by collecting up-to-date and hard-to-find information profiling private, publicly listed, government and foreign firms located in the region including organization charts, decision-maker profiles and contact information.

Our work in Africa’s most dynamic economies is there to bring you the data and records you need to enter new markets or expand in existing ones.

Services offered:

  • Public records including Government budgets,
  • Plans and expenditure reports,
  • Import/export regulations,
  • Information on tenders and concessions,
  • Land and property records,
  • Licensing information,
  • Parliamentary records,
  • Business addresses/Contacts,
  • Organograms,
  • Geospatial surveys and maps.



Zobya conducts the market studies that identify both opportunities and risks of your business’ strategic growth areas

Know how you are perceived: Our service allows your business to remain up-to-date on what’s being said about your company, your competitors, and your industry. We aggregate and analyze media daily, drawing on analysts who speak local languages and can monitor a comprehensive range of news sources and social media.

Keep an eye on the market: Zobya provides you with the actionable intelligence and analysis you need to make decisions about competitors, customers, and partners. We can provide quick answers about market size, the cost of doing business, distributors, outlets, entry requirements, and market conditions. Zobya will do the work for you efficiently and cost-effectively focusing on the answers you need.

Anticipate political developments: The economic direction of emerging markets hinges on its political stability. Zobya provides you with regular information on developments in the political arena, from presidential election polls to local government development plans. We map the risks so you can anticipate them. 

Zobya brings you the right information for your business’ success:

  • Media monitoring,
  • Competitor screening
  • Family mapping,
  • Rapid market assessments,
  • Sector studies,
  • Political and economic risk assessments.