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Training & Capacity Building

GSG’s customized training and capacity building solutions can help both public-and private-sector organizations improve their institutional capacity by enhancing existing skill sets and developing new ones. We help governments to build the capacity they need to effectively and independently tackle economic and social issues. We support small and medium businesses in enhancing their human capital in order to become more agile and competitive.

GSG works closely with client organizations to define their training needs and develop tailored training courses. Courses are delivered by qualified international trainers and emphasize sustainable improvements in organizational capacity and continuity through train-the-trainer programs. Our training model focuses on participatory and hands-on learning, through small, interactive sessions. GSG carries out the following types of training and capacity building. We can also work with you to develop customized training courses.


GSG delivers training courses and workshops to improve the financial, organizational, and human capital performance of small and medium businesses in emerging markets. GSG trainers use a range of tools and teaching practices to train organizations in sustainable management practices.


Organizations with robust project management capabilities perform better and are more prepared to successfully adapt to rapidly changing business environments. GSG conducts internationally recognized project management training and certification for government and private sector organizations.


Regular monitoring and evaluation is critical to enhancing the accountability, transparency, and success of government programs. GSG helps organizations to build capacity to conduct internal monitoring and evaluation, eliminating the need for outside consultants. We also train participants in the use of cost-effective data collection mechanisms and tools.


GSG conducts “train-the-trainer” courses in several areas including project management and monitoring and evaluation. Qualified trainers lead small groups in advanced training practices, allowing participants to lead training and capacity building sessions in their own communities and organizations.


Successful organizations require successful leaders. GSG conducts leadership workshops to enhance and develop the management, communication, and planning skills of top performers, enabling them to make a greater impact in their organizations.