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Public Sector Consulting

As economic, political, and demographic changes transform the region, governments in the Middle East and Africa face both serious challenges and exciting opportunities. Advances in technology and healthcare, improved infrastructure, and dynamic and growing youth populations offer greater potential than ever before for many emerging markets, yet governments must also create jobs, attract investment, and compete globally on a greater scale than ever.

Global South Group’s public-sector advisory services help leaders and policy-makers understand the challenges, define their organization’s mission and vision, and effect lasting short-term and long-term change.

GSG not only helps clients to develop effective strategic initiatives and execute strategic planning exercises, but also works with clients to implement them, often embedding consultants directly into client teams. GSG also works with organizations throughout the public sector to help them optimize performance and streamline operations through organization redesign and process improvements. GSG supports managers in creating and implementing sector development plans, as well as building budget frameworks and results based-management tools for improved monitoring and evaluation of policy performance. 

Throughout our client engagements, we work closely with our clients to build capabilities within organizations.

GSG consultants have worked with public and private sector clients in leading international consultancies, development agencies, and government organizations. Our solutions are informed by leading-edge practices but always grounded in our knowledge of local environments and needs.