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The security and safety of a country’s transport networks is vital to ensuring continued operations and flow of goods and people. A well-planned system is critical to economic growth and quality of life in communities and countries. GSG works with local, regional, and national governments, as well as private sector companies, to help them meet regulatory, security, safety, planning, and other transport challenges.

GSG’s transport practice draws on the extensive background of its experts in transport planning and design, engineering, law enforcement, and emergency management. Our team works closely with clients to identify and analyze the threats and vulnerabilities facing transport systems and to mitigate and reduce these risks, while keeping in mind the need for open and accessible transport networks. We engage key stakeholders in order to create safety and security solutions that facilitate, rather than impede, vital operations.

We tackle planning, security, safety, and regulatory challenges for air, maritime, rail, road, bus, and other types of networks, as well as assess multi-nodal transport systems to ensure a holistic approach. GSG’s transport capabilities include designing safety and security master plans for transport systems, developing emergency management plans, advising on regulatory and compliance issues, and developing technical and engineering solutions. We also provide training and capacity-building programs to support these goals and objectives, including training operators and planners in transport safety and security best practices to ensure that these concepts become part of the organization’s culture and mission.